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John Downes acorro business model

Business Model

Over the years I have settled on the basic framework of the Business Model Canvas as a tool for defining and challenging an organisation’s business model. This (slightly modified interpretation) takes you through a structured process of looking into:

  • 1. Customers: Who are our most important customer segments we are creating value for?
  •   1a. Relationships: What type of relationship does each segment expect us to have?
  •   1b. Channels: With which channels do customers want us to use?
  • 2. Value Propositions: What value do we deliver to our customers?
  •   2a. Key Activities: What activities deliver real value?
  •   2b. Key Resources: What key resources are required?
  •   2c. Key Partners: Who do we need to partner with?
  • 3. Revenue is earned from: What revenues from where?
  •   3a. Key Costs: What costs and, will the business model be profitable?
  • 4. Annual Calendar: What happens month to month?
  •   4a. Annual Budget: What is expected to happen financially?
  •   4b. Targets: How do we know the business model has been successful?