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How to increase sales John Downes acorro

Grow Sales

How to increase Sales? This is a key question of all businesses and should always be re-framed as How to increase sales, profitably. The sales team in the business needs to:

  • Understand each high priority Customer Segment, the profiles of its customers (buyers) and consumers (end users) and their key wants and needs
  • Develop Customer Account Plans for each key customer and understand the customers purchasing Journey Map from Identified Need through Researching Solutions to Committed Purchase
  • Sell (or enable the customer to buy) and Serve them in a way that meets or exceeds their expectations; profitably. This includes upsell and cross sell to ensure that the needs are met with a complete and fit for purpose solution
  • Encourage Customer Loyalty using service, relationship building, follow-up and other retention strategies
  • Consider the other additional Revenue Opportunities that may relate to ongoing maintenance contracts, customised services, training, strategic advice and so-on.