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Optimise Team Performance

Each area of the business will be led by one or many teams, be they functional, customer or geographically centred. To achieve organisation-wide high performance, we need to be able to confidently and capably:

  • Attract and recruit the right candidates for the organisation structure
  • Induct and train the staff to capitalise on their alignment with the organisational culture (a critical hiring requirement) and help them rapidly become high functioning members of their team
  • Provide the IT systems and processes that will enable the team members to work effectively within the quality expectations of the organisation
  • Monitor and develop the careers of the team members so that they thrive within the organisation culture
  • Support a culture of accountability (doing what I say I am going to do) and performance (recognising great performance and identifying opportunities to improve as they arise)
  • Recognise and Reward staff achievements and celebrate or initiate when they choose or need to leave the business to explore new opportunities
  • Communicate to Team to keep them informed and to continue to foster the desired organisation culture.

Each of these seven elements draws on the leadership team’s capability as well as the organisations structures, policies, processes and infrastructure to deliver great customer service from a high performing, respectful culture.